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Buckland Filleigh, a continuous thread

Buckland Filleigh: A continuous thread
A book with valuable Vanstone information.

A History of the Vanstones in New Zealand
by Carol Bell, available in several PDF downloads.

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Welcome to the website of the Vanstone Family


Due to family issues and other commitments, I no longer have time to maintain this site (as some of you may have noticed). As result, I am letting it lapse at the end of May 2018, so if there's anything on it you want to download, grab it now.

This website is intended to offer easy access to data and research sources for any member of the Vanstone clan, along with a means of keeping in touch and sharing information.

New to this website!
A GEDCOM file of all the Vanstones I have any information on, for you to download and view in your own family tree programme.

History of the Family

Alas, we have no family crest or coat of arms, but the family is an old one from Devon and Cornwall (not from the Netherlands). Ricardus Fanston was tonsured in 1440 and Frater Henricus Fanston was at Plympton Priory in 1445.

Well. The family name is probably derived from a place name. One theory suggests Faunteston in the parish of Shaugh Prior in South Devon (mentioned in 1339),According to J.E Gover in "Place Names of Cornwall", Faunteston derives from an Old French personal name Faunt, aphetic for the French enfant (child). He associates the name with the family of Samson le Enfaunt, a juror of Plympton Hundred in 1249” in the Assize Rolls

However, it is much more likely that the family come from Fonson in the Cornish parish of Warbstow (mentioned in 1284 in the Assize Rolls). The earliest Devon Vanstones, listed in the 16th century, lived in Tetcott, just across the border from Warbstow. For further details, see the story of Stephen Vanstone in the Histories section.


A Time For Silence
The Unravelling

Nothing strictly to do with the Vanstone family, but you might like to check out my novels.

Robin would like to hear from any Vanstones in Australia.

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Updates to this website

17/9/2012 Cheating, but my first novel is now available from Amazon
9/3/2013 new links to photos for Australian and Canadian Vanstones, thanks to Robin
17/4/2013 corrections to Tree 4, thanks to Jane and Diana. Revised version of the Stephen Vanstone story
10/6/2013 a lot of additional information, thanks to Robin, listed in crime, military, migration, wills, gallery, histories and family trees


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