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Richard born 1789

Richard Vanstone (possibly), born in 1789 in Broadwoodkelly and settled in Devonport with wife Elizabeth Smith.

Tree 2

Francis Vanstone

Francis Vanstone (1839-1914). Son of Richard Vanstone and Elizabeth Smith. He emigrated to New Zealand but returned to Devon. He married three times.

Francis's wife Susannah

Francis's first wife Susannah Sullivan accompanied him to New Zealand and died on the voyage home, buried at sea on the Red Sea.

Francis's wife Hannah

Francis with his second wife Hannah Wood, whom he married in Plymouth.

Francis's wife Constance

Francis with his third wife Constance Violet Plane.

Richard Vanstone of New Zealand

Richard James Vanstone(1832-1900), son of Richard Vanstone and Elizabeth Smith. He settled in New Zealand

Richard's wife Harriet

Richard's wife, Harriet Williams


The wedding of Millicent (Millie) Vanstone and Fred Reed in New Zealand. Bridesmaids are sisters Ellen (Nellie) and Harriet (Fairy). Brother Rupert and mother Harriet are on the far right.


ada jane

Ada Jane Vanstone (1862 - 1945, daughter of Arscott James Vanstone) at her golden wedding anniversary with husband Alfred Crocker.

Standing behind them are their sons Arthur, Cecil, Ernest and Stanley. Daughter Ethel is seated second from the left. The framed photograph is of son Reginald who was killed in WWI.


Arthur Charles

Arthur Charles Vanstone and wife Gladys Popham Arthur was the son of Robert Vanstone and Jessie Russell. He was born in Exeter in 1909 and died in Adelaide, Australia in 1991.

Rosa Jane

Rosa Jane Vanstone, wife of Samuel Perry, was born 1871 in Cardiff, daughter of Samuel Vanstone and Martha Cole

Rosa Jane and boys

Rosa Jane (Vanstone) Perry, and her sons, Ivor, Arthur Charles, Wilfred and Sidney. Only Ivor married and had children.

Tree 3

Ivor Perry

Ivor Perry, born 1894 in Cardiff, son of Rosa Jane Vanstone and Samuel Perry.


Perry girls

Rosa Jane's daughters Ethel and Ruby, with Ivor's wife Gwendoline Thorne, plus an unknown, in Cardiff c.1910

Mary Walter Vanstone

Mary Walter Vanstone (born 1822, daughter of John Vanstone and Nancy Hopper of Bradworthy), with her husband William Williams in c.1870


Rose and William

Rose Williams (b.1858), daughter of Mary Walter Vanstone and widow of William Chadwick, with her son William Vanstone Chadwick. The family emigrated to Aukland, New Zealand.


William Chadwick's grave

William Chadwick's grave. He was killed in France in 1917, having serving with the NZ machine gun corps.

His mother Rose took the photograph, which also shows her sister Emily Pitcher (Vanstone) and nephew Frank.


Widowed Arabella Hawkins (Vanstone), second daughter of John Vanstone and Nancy Hopper, with her children William Henry and Emily Jane in c. 1865


Elizabeth Moase

Elizabeth Ann Vanstone, third daughter of John Vanstone and Nancy Hopper, wife of James Moase


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