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Here are the details of some specific wills. Below, find a list from the Devon Wills Project.

proved 9/4/1807. John Vanstone of Broadwoodkelly (husband of Mary Knight and son of Benjamin Vanstone and Mary Rix) left under £200:
£20 to his daughter Elizabeth Lavis
£20 to his daughter Wilmott Vanstone, plus 'a feather bed performed that is in the parlour chamber and the Middle Brass Crock.
To wife Mary and son Samuel, executor, the redisual legatees, the residue, remainder, stock, money, goods, chattels and effects whatsoever.'
proved 8/12/1810, Christopher Vanstone of Broadwoodkelly (probably son of Benjamin Vanstone and Mary Rix): 'after some legacies under £1 each, the residue is given in trust for Mary Vanstone, relict (widow)' and to Henry Weeks, nephew, 'such part of the Testator's property as may not be disposed of during the life of the said Mary Vanstone. - Executor was William Anstey, yeoman, of Dowland.

proved 8/12/1835. Christopher Vanstone of Dolton (huband of Grace Stanbury and son of Benjamin Vanstone and Thomazin Weeks):

In the Name of God Amen.  I, Christopher Vanstone of the parish of Dolton, being very sick and weak but of sound mind and understanding, do make and acknowledge this to be my last will and testament and do give and dispose of all my money, goods, chattels and effects in the following manner.  I make and ordain my three nephews, Christopher Vanstone son of my brother Tristram, and Christopher Vanstone son of my brother Benjamin, and Christopher Gill, joint executors of this my last will and testament.  I give and bequeath to my three brothers two pounds of lawful money each and to my sister Elizabeth two pounds.  I also give eighteen pounds to be equally divided among my brother Benjamin’s children, Wilmot and Christopher excluded.  I also give to my brother Tristram’s children, eighteen pounds to be equally divided amongst them, Christopher excluded, and eighteen pounds to my sister Elizabeth’s children, to be divided equally amongst them, Christopher excluded.  I also give to my niece Wilmot Vanstone the bedstead, bed and bedding which she now occupies, and also ten pounds of lawful money.  I also give to Sarah Stanbury, Joannah Dilling’s daughter, one guinea.  I give to Joannah Dilling my bedstead, bolster and bed and to Richard Dilling, son of the above Joannah, I give my clock and case and to Philip his brother the table.  I give to Thomasin Nott my dresser and to Thomasin Stanbury the elbow chair.  I give also to Christopher Soper, son of John and Mary Soper all the wood and furze and four pounds in lawful money for the purpose of putting him to a trade.  None of the above sums of money to be paid, till the expiration of twelve months after my decease.  Signed, sealed and delivered this sixteenth day of November one thousand eight hundred and thirty five in presence of the under-signed.
John Lyne, John Stanbury, William New.

The mark of Christopher Vanstone

Vanstone wills listed in the interim index of the Devon Wills Project (ongoing)





Vanston Richard Dowland 1601
Vanston William Winkleigh 1602
Vanston Isott Wembworthy 1605
Vanston   Winkleigh


Vanston   Bickington 1614
Vanston Peter Winkleigh 1617
Vanstone John Martinhoe 1628
Vanstone Eleanor High Bickington 1629
Vanstone Sibyl Langtree 1635
Vanstone Thomas Great Torrington 1636
Vanstone John Shirwell 1665
Vanstone Samuel Winkleigh 1678
Vanstone Stephen Buckland Filleigh 1691
Vanstone Emetta Merton 1699
Vanstone William High Bickington 1708
Vanstone John High Bickington 1713
Vanstone James Sheepwash 1775
Vanstone Simon Buckland Filleigh 1782
Vanstone Benjamin Iddesleigh 1785
Vanstone John Broadwoodkelly 1807
Vanstone Stephen Woolfardisworthy 1808
Vanstone Christopher Broadwoodkelly 1810
Vanstone James Sheepwash 1829
Vanstone Stephen Langtree 1831
Vanstone Mary Exeter 1834
Vanstone Christopher Dolton 1835
Vanstone Robert Exeter 1835
Vanstone James South Brent 1836
Vanstone John Sheepwash 1841
Vanstone Samuel Black Torrington 1841
Vanstone John Stoke Damerel 1848

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